CORAN stands for Crude Oil Refinery-owners Association of Nigeria

The aims and objectives of the Association are as follows:

  • To serve as industry trade group for all crude oil refining member companies and operators in the oil and gas Industry of Nigeria.
  • To represent the interest of its members in all ramifications for the enhancement and progress of their business development
  • To make policy inputs and suggestions to Government, non governmental institutions and related professional bodies on matters relating to refineries and the oil and gas industry
  • To serve as the rallying point for all members of the association among other industry groups, associations and institutions

Interested members can register online via this form (The membership registration form), while we review your registration, you will be asked to pay registration fee for the completion of your registration to become a full member of the association. If you have any challenge filling the form, please send an email to support@coran.ng or call: +234 909 393 5496